It’s Too Soon to Call Bitcoin a Safe Haven, Says Investment Bank Chief Investment Strategist

/ it-s-too-soon-to-call-bitcoin-a-safe-haven-says-investment-bank-chief-investment-strategist/

It a Safe Haven, States Investment Bank Chief Investment Strategist


Brian Belski, A chief investment strategist in the investment banking firm BMO cash Markets, has recently revealed he thinks it may be too soon to consider bitcoin a secure haven asset.

Speaking during CNN small business show Markets Now, Belski disclosed he thinks bitcoin is”overly unstable” and that while it’s currently”attractive” be in bitcoin now, he does not base his investments”on sex appeal.”

Bit-coin has been explosive, especially the previous number of years. Oahu is the sort of thing. I don’t base my investments. I base my expenditure. In terms of Bit-coin be-ing that safe harbor, and I think that the longer-term view, I think that it’s way too early to call that.

The primary investment strategist’s remarks came after worst Selloff of this Calendar Year, and this found that the S’s equity market expertise