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At an effort to enlighten high-ranking police personnel to the joys of block-chain technologies and equip them with the critical skills needed to carry out investigations regarding Bitcoin-linked offenses, India’s federal police academy,” Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA), has launched a brand new educational course, stories Difficult Fork about July 7, 20-19.

India Shutting its Doors into Thieves

Internal sources close to the matter, which Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA), an academy that trains officers of their Indian Police services who pass on the state’s Civil Services assessment, has launched a brand new course directed at arming high-energy authorities with the knowledge they will need to explore crypto and blockchain-related offenses.

The training course, dubbed”Analysis of instances between cryptocurrencies,” is planned to go later in September 20-19 and it will train participants that the valid areas of virtual assets, the way to explore cases between cryptocurrencies and more.

Just nominated IPS officers that have attained the position of extra Superintendent of Police for the Inspector General of Police could choose the training course. Self-nominations aren’t allowed.

It really is worth noting that the SVPNP really isn’t the first authorities to introduce an exercise course to blockchain-based virtual monies.

Back in July 2018, the metropolis of London’s financial Crime Academy (ECA) launched a first-of-its-kind insightful course on cryptocurrencies referred to as”Cryptocurrencies for Researchers”

At some time, the ECA stated that the one-day course was aimed at assisting officers to comprehend just how exactly to”detect, seize and explore” the usage of cryptoassets.

As the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has produced life unbearable for crypto companies in the region through its marginally draconian insurance guidelines, taxpayers remain really far interested in the revolutionary technological innovation despite awful performers deceptive streak continuing to deceive the ordinary buyer.



Back in November 2018, stories surfaced which an Indian entrepreneur had misplaced roughly $1.4 million into fraudsters using a rip-off Bit coin investment.

Early in the day in February 2019,” BTCManager informed that Indian authorities had apprehended the founders of”cashcoin,” a fake alt coin that tricked investors of more than 17 million. A fake cryptocurrency-based”Who would like to Be a Millionaire” game series that defrauded individuals of over $250,000 in February 20-19 was also crushed by the Mumbai authorities.